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In 2014, we launched ClickSaúdeBrasil, an innovative project with a social goal in Brazil, to give the population access to a doctor at any time of the day.  In this new concept, our proposal is to guide the population about small medical doubts and other complaints, such as: chronic symptoms, spots that appear on the skin, doubts about medications already prescribed, doubts about exams performed, tips about food and general care. The goal is to help and guide you in the best way possible. Another proposal of ClickHealthAfrica is the possibility of obtaining a second opinion in cases where the patient is in doubt about their treatment, diagnosis, exams or just would like advice from a second specialist. It is worth remembering that ClickHealthAfrica does not cover applications for exams, diagnosis, indication of treatment or therapy. The service is intended to advise the client and to keep a remote monitoring of the situation when necessary. The doctor also clarifies everyday doubts as drug dosages and will also give tips to improve the quality of your life.



*ClickHealthAfrica is designed to support the health decision and the choices you make and is NOT a substitute for physical consultation with your doctor or for hospital services. The service should not be used for medical emergencies. The service offers expert opinions of qualified physicians and medical information in various medical conditions, diagnosis and medical treatment and does not constitute a direct medical diagnosis, treatment or prescription.


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Meet the founders of ClickHealthAfrica 

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Hello, I am Dr. Marcelo Assis, a physician, MBA CEO Global and Master of Heathcare management  and founder of this incredible social project with the goal of giving access to medical and health information for people with difficult and remote access or who do not have the opportunity to talk to a health professional.

ClickHealthAfrica is a start up with social purpose of health promotion and digital access to useful information and guidelines to the user in a fast, simple and without bureaucracy.


With this health guidance system, the user has access to general practitioners and medical regulation specialists to guide you immediately.


This health guidance and counseling program can be used around the world, helping to prevent disease, provide guidance on basic sanitation and vaccination, and especially democratize medicine for all.


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A new concept in health guidance

I did not know if my spot on the skin was worrisome and I received correct directions that helped me a lot


If it were not for ClickHealthAfrica today I was not here to tell my story


I had chest pain and was told to look for a hospital right away and was suffering. I was saved by ClickHealthAfrica



Meet the founders of ClickHealthAfrica 

Hello, I am Dr. Saliou Saka, lawyer and master in intelligent economics. I am a co-founder of this social project whose mission is access to a dignified medicine for the African people and guidelines on health, nutrition, prevention and well-being.

We work with the lobby with large companies that want to support and sponsor this health project, with great humanized impact.

Still, our vision is to unite with companies working with digital access, to assist in our global communication.



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